April 6, 2012 in Commentary

In his song, “Ballad of a Thin Man,” Bob Dylan sings, “Something’s happening, and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?” I feel that way a lot these days.

I’m inundated with information on a daily basis, at a rate that’s far too rapid to check out and verify, let alone assimilate. In many cases, the information is a convolution of partial truths. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except the people that post, seem to be convinced with absolute certainty, that what they post is accurate and the truth, the “truth” with a capital “T.” Furthermore, with the viral nature of the internet, the same trash circulates at a rate that far exceeds any efforts to correct it. From religion to politics, knowledge that could be used to unite and unify, separates us as we draw ideological battle lines. The game becomes a sort of “preaching to the choir” where nobody is willing to listen to anybody anymore. After all, you know how it is, you can’t speak to those stupid people, you’ll never convince them of anything.

So, as I end this post, head to Facebook to see how much further behind I’ve gotten, and the knowledge and wisdom contained in those hours of shared videos and other posts pile up for me to confront, I just smile as I remind myself, “Something’s Happening and “I” don’t know what it is…”

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