January 23, 2012 in Commentary, Musings

I may have written about truth in the past  but tonight was so much fun I had to share the evening with you and write about truth again.

I was listening to blogtalkradio when a discussion about answers to humanity’s  problems became the topic.  I suggested that nobody had “the answer(s),” otherwise humanity’s problems would have been solved long ago.  This sparked a lot of debate, disagreement, and discussion which was soon bouncing back and forth between answers and truth.  During the course of the discussion, one of the participants commented, the one thing  they knew to be true was that a positive times a negative always equaled a negative.  At this point I asked, “how about the product of the positive square root of negative one times the negative square root of negative one?”   They asked me, what’s the square root of negative one, and I responded, in mathematics it’s called an imaginary with the property that  when squared equals -1.  Therefore, in the example I presented, we have a case where a negative times a positive gives a positive.  What happened after that, I don’t know, the chat room shut off.

What’s the point?  I don’t know.  What I do know is,  in mathematics there are tests for truth, tests to check if a given mathematical function or solution (answer) is the right one.  I don’t know the same can be said for the answers in life, the solutions in life, for the human experience.

I find it fascinating that we humans have such a hard time accepting that things exist for which there are no absolute answers.   Maybe if we could ever come to grips with this, it would be possible to have a tolerant world,  a world that worked for everyone.

Do you think this might be the answer, the truth?

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